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The world's first ever

gaming-enabled IDO

Revolutionize fundraising with our decentralized platform powered by web3. Join a global community for a gaming-style, community-driven process that's transparent and rewarding.

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Our Partners and Backers

Our diverse group of backers are experts, innovators, and visionaries who share our passion for innovation. With their support, we're building a more
transparent, decentralized, and efficient future for launching new projects. Join us on this journey and be a part of the web3 revolution!

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How it works?

The YearnTogether platform features a variety of gameplay elements that enable users to earn tokens and rewards.



Are you ready to earn YEARN tokens? Just buy a pass on our platform!



Looking for a simple and easy way to earn YEARN tokens while promoting a platform you love? Look no further than Promote to Earn!



Welcome to Predict to Earn, the platform that allows you to earn YEARN tokens by predicting winners.



As a decentralised product, YearnTogether provides influencers with more trust and freedom to bring in more users to the platform.



By pooling together, users can collectively purchase a larger number of passes, leading to a higher return on investment for all members of the pool.

What are you waiting for ?

We are not just building a platform, we are building a community.
Our platform brings together project teams, affiliates, IDO buyers, and common gaming users. We believe that by creating a vibrant and active community around our project, we can create long-lasting value for all involved.

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Join our Yearn
Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs allow you to Yearn tokens. You are rewarded for each pass purchased by your invitee.

Upto 10% of the pass amount is shared with the inviter and the team.

Remember that you can continue to receive your rewards for your invitees’ wins and promotions on the platform.



Forget the hassle of metamask and enjoy the simplicity of YearnGPT

Most crypto users use mobile, showing support to those users we are introducing YearnGPT an AI language model helping you to easily bridge the gap between Metamask and smart contract in few taps from your mobile.

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